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Our Company

Our Story

We needed answers. At a time where a single click or a simple swipe can accomplish so much, why is finding a reliable handy man still so difficult? With the different platforms available, why do customers continue to lose valuable time and resources looking for dependable handymen, electricians, or plumbers while well-meaning contractors lose hard-earned money without closing any leads? It turns out, the answer's plain and simple: the current solutions just aren't good enough. That's why we decided to make something better. That's why we created VendorBox. Real jobs, better connections between customers and vendors. We created a platform that connects customers and local home repair vendors through live, available job postings instead of "leads". VendorBox is our answer to the shortcomings of existing service matching 'solutions' that focus more on generating leads than ensuring customer satisfaction and addressing contractor needs.
Our platform is for homeowners, property managers, or anyone who has a project and needs work carried out. VendorBox is also for carpenters, plumbers, electricians – experienced and reliable service providers who can actually get the job done. We're here to help you get the help you need. Whether it's an emergency repair, general property maintenance or a bigger home improvement job, VendorBox allows customers to stay in control of their projects through a complete job listing which includes a fixed budget and detailed scope of work.


Our Mission


Our Mission is to profitably improve the selection and purchasing experience of customers in the home repair and home improvement services market.  We plan to do that by giving customers easy to use and understand technology.